Clear Aligner Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Jun 5 • 2 minute read

Clear Aligner Therapy, such as Suresmile, is a method of straightening teeth that uses clear, custom made plastic aligners. These aligners put gentle pressure on your teeth, causing them to shift into a desired position. This orthodontic treatment has gotten very popular because of how they are practically invisible, comfortable to wear, and are removable for eating and brushing! However, with popularity comes a lot of questions, which is why we took the time highlight some of the more common questions our office gets here: 

1. What are the steps to starting the treatment?

Starting Clear Aligner Therapy is easy! First we scan your teeth to get a digital rendering. This scan is sent to trained professionals that look at what the best way is to straighten your teeth, how many sets of aligners you will need, etc. From there we present you the treatment plan to make sure it meets your goals. Once we are happy with the treatment plan, we order the aligners and begin the journey to enhancing your smile!

2. Do you need to do anything to my teeth?

When performing Clear Aligner Therapy, your dental team often needs to add tooth-coloured attachments onto your teeth to help them shift into place. Or in cases of crowding, adjustments are made on your teeth to make enough space for them to shift into place. The most common type of adjustment we make for cases like these are called "inter-proximal reductions", where we adjust the the contacts in between the teeth. Both are these are very minimal and strategically calculated so that you can get the best result possible!

3. How often do I need to wear them?

Clear Aligner Therapy is an awesome approach to get you a beautiful smile! However, compliance is key! Studies have shown that in order for clear aligners to be effective, they need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day. If you don’t wear them as prescribed, treatment may take longer or not work at all.

4. Are follow up appointments really needed?

This form of treatment requires follow-up appointments to make sure that your teeth are shifting the way we want them to! This also allows your dental team to make corrections to your treatment if needed, thereby getting your ideal smile faster!

5. Don't I need to go to an orthodontist for this?

Many general dentists now provide Clear Aligner Therapy. But, depending on your case, your dental team may refer you to an Orthodontist. This is because they are better equipped to handle tougher cases! Cases that involve severe crowding, severe overbite, or very large spaces may also not be suitable for Clear Aligner Therapy and would be more successfully managed with traditional braces.


Overall, Clear Aligner Therapy is a great approach to enhance your smile in a discrete and comfortable fashion. This treatment is also very successful when done properly! However, Clear Aligner Therapy is not for everyone. It is important to know how it works and what its limitations are so that you can make the best possible decision for your teeth! If you have any further questions, or are interested in starting Clear Aligner Therapy, book a consult with us today!

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Clear Aligner Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

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